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At Paprika Southern, we have a passion for small businesses. Our advertising rates are designed with small, local businesses in mind. We love working with passionate and creative business owners whose values align with Paprika Southern’s to help them reach their target audience.


Paprika Southern is a quarterly print publication dedicated to inspiring creativity and intention in everyday life. In our pages you will find lush visuals and thoughtful writing, as well as a commitment to inclusivity. We offer a curated view of the most innovative creatives, trends, and art of the South, with an emphasis on sharing the stories of the artists, creative entrepreneurs, and makers shaping the region. Our styled shoots are filled with lush visuals intended to delight the eyes and inspired the mind. With a mixutre of words and images, our publication is a reflection of the tastes, aspirations and interests of our readers. Paprika Southern is the magazine for art and style in the South.


Our reader is your customer. The Paprika Southern reader is a consumer of words and images. She loves living in the South, shopping at local boutiques and trying out new recipes with ingredients from her local farmers’ market. We appeal to the consumer who seeks out content that goes beyond the surface and who appreciates art and beauty in all aspects of life. The Paprika reader is as interested in beautifully styling her own home as she is in viewing great works of art. She appreciates fashion as much as an historic chateau. She reads a fashion blog before diving into a classic work of literature. Her world encompasses that which is beyond herself, but she revels in and attempts to elevate the quotidian. 

Known for a thoughtful mix of content that highlights the art and style of the South, Paprika Southern’s content is as varied as the region it covers. Our commitment to local encompasses not only our content--the people we profile, the stories we tell--but also the businesses who choose to advertise with us.

A few benefits of advertising with paprika southern

  • Each issue is current for 3 months, allowing your ad more staying power in the public eye.

  • Each issue reaches 1000+ individuals, a majority of whom are college educated women age 25-45 living in the South.

  • We provide photography and design for your ad, as needed.

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